Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Recruit new members between January 1 and November 30, 2019 and YOU could be the owner of a new iPad!

Tap Into Your Network and Help MBA/MW Grow

Look around you. Who are you doing business with?  They should be a member of MBA/MW. Members are our strength! A vital and growing association expands our presence in the market, makes MBA/MW more representative of the residential, commercial and multi-family real estate finance industry as a whole, and creates new networking opportunities.

Every time a new member joins, MBA/MW is made stronger and more vital! Our Member-Get-A-Member Campaign is a strategic initiative to grow our association. This is a great way for all current members to get involved, help the association and your colleagues, gain recognition and have a chance to win a great prize.

Each new member you recruit will gain you one entry into the prize drawing for an iPad. The more members you recruit, the greater your chances of winning!

Remember that membership in MBA/MW is by company; all employees from a member company receive member benefits.

How to Get Started

In order to participate in this campaign your company must a paid member of MBA/MW.
  1. Review the directory of members, member benefits and download a membership brochure -- all from our website.
  2. Make your list of residential and commercial prospective members and remember to include all companies with whom you do business, such as:

    Title Companies
    Insurance Companies
    Credit Companies
    Technology Companies
    Accounting Firms
    Law Firms
    Environmental Companies
    Mortgage Companies
    Mortgage Brokers
    Commercial Banks
    Credit Unions
    Others in affiliated industries
  3. Provide prospective members with membership information and an application -- all available on our website:
  4. Be sure the new member lists YOU (your name and company) as the first sponsor on the application.
  5. Followup with the prospective member and/or the MBA/MW office regarding their application status.

YOU and the PRIMARY CONTACT PERSON FOR THE NEW MEMBER COMPANY will  be included in the drawing. The drawing for the iPad gift card will take place at the Annual Meeting and Holiday Luncheon in December. All members you recruit from January 1 - November 30, 2019 will count towards the 2019 campaign.

Membership Information and Brochure >