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Part of MBAMW membership dues supports advocacy efforts in Virginia and Maryland. We support lobbyists with the Maryland Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association (MMBBA) and the Virginia Mortgage Bankers Association (VMBA) to engage in and promote advocacy efforts to impact legislative and regulatory issues.

Email if you are interested in getting involved in our Advocacy committee. 

Below are the most recent Legislative Profile Reports and summary reports for the MBAMW Board of Governors.
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MBAMW Advocacy Committee Report to Board of Governors - March 13, 2024


The 446th Session of the Maryland General Assembly convened on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024, and adjourned “Sine Die” at midnight on Monday, April 8th, 2024. “Sine Die” is Latin for “the end”.

The 2024 Session was particularly successful and productive for the MMBBA in its support of legislation of benefit to the mortgage banking community and in its efforts to defeat passage of legislation opposed by the MMBBA membership. The MMBBA Legislative Committee, co-chaired by Tim Gough, Rich Green and Brendan McKay, and supported by Ernie Grue, in conjunction with the MMBBA lobbyist Dennis F. Rasmussen and his firm, were able to work with each of the respective legislative committee members in successfully advocating the MMBBA positions regarding all introduced legislation tracked and monitored.

In conjunction with the weekly conference calls coordinated by the MMBBA Legislative Committee, The Rasmussen Group identified, monitored, and provided advocacy services regarding 72 legislative measures that generally were identified to be of interest to the MMBBA’s Legislative Committee; some were cross-filed. Of the 72 bills: 35 were in introduced in the House; 37 in the Senate. MMBBA offered either written or oral testimony on 27 bills of interest. MMBBA Co-Chairs offered “Favorable” testimony on 13 bills; 6 bills with “Favorable with Amendment” testimony, and 8 bills with “Unfavorable” testimony.

See full report - MMBBA - 2024 End of Session Legislative Activity Report

The Legislative Profile Report lists all Legislation introduced to date that has been identified as of potential interest to MMBBA membership.  The Profile Report will be continually updated on a weekly basis and disseminated to you each Friday during the 2024 Regular Session.  


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