J. Christopher Warner (1945 - 2023) 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

J. Christopher Warner (Chris) was an educator by background, having taught English and eventually becoming the English Department Chairman at John Carroll HS in NE. Chris then went on to become a real estate agent while supporting his newly growing family with his wife Judy, whom he was married to for 53 years, and their two children, Jennifer and Elizabeth, both in attendance today with their husbands, Jeff and Larry.

Chris began his mortgage banking career becoming a mortgage loan officer then a branch manager at Colonial Mortgage Service Company. Chris then moved onto become a manager at 1st Washington Mortgage and then held the position of President of 1st Washington Mortgage. Under Chris’ leadership, 1st Washington Mortgage was the largest provider of mortgages in the Washington DC area at that time.

Chris continued his work as a career mortgage banking professional after raising capital through a private placement to develop an application software to support the mortgage banking industry. From there, Chris moved onto a new venture and opened a net branch of Superior Home Mortgage where he was initially exposed to originating reverse mortgages. Chris went onto continue his interest in reverse mortgages with tremendous success, as he leveraged his ability to educate homeowners and lean on his deep financial background.

Among Chris’ many achievements in the mortgage banking industry which also included his presidency over this very association in 1993, was his notable ability to educate “rookie” loan officers and elevate their skill set with a systematic, ethical, and consistent sales approach to become many of the leaders that you see in this very room today.  If at some point you were taught to make ten face-to-face calls and write five handwritten notes each day, you can thank Chris Warner!

Aside from his many contributions to the Mortgage Banking industry, Chris was a family man, with his grandchildren bringing him much joy through their many accomplishments. Chris and Judy loved watching sports together, and more recently, as they gave up on their once beloved “Commanders,” they both shared a deep love for the Washington Nationals.

Chris’s influence and positive effect on the many people who crossed his path are immeasurable, and we miss him deeply.