Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month this March, we wish to acknowledge the significant contributions of some of our past presidents, each of whom has left an indelible mark on the MBA/MW community. 
Patty Widerman
MBAMW 2005 President 

We asked Patty to tell us a little about herself, here is what she said:

"Started in the industry on the commercial side under Dick Juergens, a mentor who taught me the value of teamwork. Integrity, a guiding principle from other leaders, saw me through crises and successes. Grateful for my MBA involvement, it was an honor to lead as president."

Madeline Johnson, CMB
MBAMW 2004 President

Madelline is a Risk Policy Director at Freddie Mac. Madeline began her career in secondary marketing at a privately owned mortgage banking company.  Over the course of her career she had the opportunity to work in all facets of mortgage banking lifecycle including originations, secondary marketing, (oversight of shipping, post closing and final docs), as well as several years in Capital Markets and GSE Relations at two different mortgage insurance companies.  She also was a consultant and provided expertise in servicing/ new initiatives at one GSE and mortgage insurance risk at the other GSE.  The many twists and turns in her career rounded out her perspective and love for our mortgage banking industry.  I am very fortunate to work in an industry that keeps everything interesting!
Teresa Howell
I landed in the mortgage industry purely by accident.  I had moved from a small village in the Finger Lakes region of New York to Northern Virginia after graduating from Syracuse University hoping to get a job with the federal government.  A close friend who had started working as a shipper for a mortgage lender encouraged me to come in for an interview.  Although I had no experience, I was hired and started the next day.  The shipping position led to working in other facets of mortgage lending including processing, origination, wholesale sales and mortgage insurance.

From the start I loved everything about the mortgage industry.  It's a business where you develop very strong relationships with people you work with.  It's also an exciting business with very little staying static.

Karyn Wilson who was President of the MBA M/W in 2001 was instrumental in getting me on the Board for my first two year stint on the Board of Governors.  Once on the Board and after, I chaired and served on several committees.

Larry Grist the President of the MBA/MW in 2007 approached me about making the commitment to get on “the ladder” of the Exec Board.  The ladder was a five year engagement culminating as President in the fourth year and Chairman of the Board in the fifth year.

enjoyed my time on the Exec Board immensely.  I was so fortunate to be asked.  It was an opportunity for me to give back to the industry I loved and to get to know and work with so many incredible mortgage professionals.

In 2022, MBAMW inducted its first female president, Gaye Beasley, to the MBAMW Hall of Fame. 

Here is a complete list of our Women Past Presidents:
2023 Debra Goldstein  
2019 Sarah O'Connor  
2010 Teresa Howell  
2005 Patty Widerman  
2004 Madeline Johnson, CMB 
2001 Karyn T. Wilson 
1994 Gaye Beasley  



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