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Past Presidents


Very special thanks to the following individuals for their service to the association and the real estate finance industry.

2014 Banks Gatchel
2013 J. Michael Pickett
2012 Frank Donnelly, CFP, CMB
2011 Carl Olzawski
2010 Teresa Howell
2009 Edward Hermes
2008 Malcolm Hollensteiner, CMB
2007 Larry Grist
2006 Steve Rozga
2005 Patty Widerman
2004 Madeline Johnson-Oler, CMB
2003 Philip D. Morse, CMB
2002 B. Philip Hummelt
2001 Karyn T. Wilson
2000 Patrick J. Casey, CMB
1999 David T. Baer
1998 F. Anderson Morse
1997 Douglas J. Moritz
1996 Charles Vance
1995 A. Daniel Brendes, CMB
1994 Gaye Beasley*
1993 J. Christopher Warner
1992 E. Stephen White
1991 Joseph W. Rogers, Jr.
1990 Richard B. Becker
1989 James V. Whipp, III
1988 John F. Elder, Jr.
1987 Joseph W. Rogers, Jr.
1986 Richard K. Juergens, Jr., CMB
1985 John A. Sargent
1984 William A. Middleton
1983 Charles R. Montgomery
1982 Merrill A. Yavinsky
1981 J. Richard Leon*
1980 H. Franklin Green, III
1979 Walter L. Mess
1978 J. Ronald Weismiller
1977 Edgar D. Williams, III
1976 Michael Winston
1975 Edmund B. Cronin, Jr.
1974 Edward T. Briner
1973 Charles D. Mears
1972 H.T. Maulding
1971 Denzil O. Nichols
1970 Joseph J. Mahoney
1969 Donald G. West, CMB
1968 B. Francis Saul, II
1967 Joshua I. Miller*
1966 George M. Brady, Jr.
1965 Roger W. Hatch*
1964 James E. Millar
1963 Samuel E. Bogley*
1962 John C. Holzberg
1961 Carey Winston*
1960 W.W. McCollum
1959 A. Britton Browne*
1958 William F. Bergman*
1957 Francis C. Little
1956 Martin R. West, Jr.*
1955 William E. Shannon*
1954 George DeFranceaux*

* Deceased

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